The History of Tobermory Fish Company

In 1971 Hugh and Marjorie Goldie founded Tobermory Fish Company. In true pioneering tradition, Hugh and Marjorie chose a perfect place, Tobermory. The Company is now run by Rosie and Sally, daughter and grand daughter of the founders. The Tobermory Fish Company Smokehouse is situated just above Tobermory Bay at Baliscate.

The Tobermory Fish Company believes wholeheartedly in the value of great taste and uses either a long, slow cold smoke or a faster hot smoky roast.

Traditionally known as kippering, herring kippers have merely borrowed the word, cold smoking is the traditional Scottish method of preserving fish. Own precise recipes and an exact mixture of salt, herb and spices allows the light smoke achieve a unique, delicate flavour. This process also has the wonderful advantage of reducing calories while the protein content of the fish remains unchanged. Our award winning Tobermory Smoked Trout and Classic Smoked Salmon are prepared in this way.

To give fish a delicious subtle flavour and flaky texture we use our own carefully controlled hot smoke. Original, Cajun and new Italian Crust are all smoked in this way.   

All processing takes place at the Baliscate Smokehouse. Local products come from the pure Highland and Island waters famed worldwide for the very best tasting fish and seafoods.

The Company also has an adjoining shop with wonderful selection of its own foods and other sea foods.

A short walk from the Smokery and shop is the “Saints Chapel” discovered by a group of local enthusiasts and featured on the BBC Time Team.